In Memory

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Nick Pfeifer:  4/15/02 - 1/20/17:
     In December 2002, my boy and I met. It was love at first sight for both of us. There was an instant bond that only deepened and strengthened through the years we were together. 
     Despite being abused, Nick was loving, affectionate, and sweet. Early on, I realized that he was both highly intelligent and sensitive. Nick never did understand why he couldn't go everywhere with me; for he was well mannered and well behaved.
     He did not play with toys like other dogs. He did not chase or fetch. Instead, he made up his own games and taught me how to play. Although, he had a few canine friends he much preferred the company of humans.
     Nick became a therapy dog at the age of seven. He visited two assistant living facilities and a nursing home. He enjoyed his job and always got excited when he knew we were going. At the age of 11 he retired.
     When Nick died, I didn't just lose a pet. I lost my best friend, confidant, companion and support system. I was truly blessed to have Nick in my life for 15 years. The time just flew by. It was a privilege that he chose me to be his mom. My beautiful golden chow will always be remembered, loved and cherished. He will forever remain in my heart.

Bailey Bouder:  11/13/99 - 2/2/15:
Our amazing Bailey...words cannot describe or explain how special he was. He was the dog of a thousand faces...and each one was adorable. His sweetness and kindness were noticed by everyone and made each person he met fall in love with him. Although he tore his ACL at the age of 5, had a hip deformity and hip dysplasia, arthritis from head to toe and many warts and lumps, he persevered to the age of 15 with pride, strength and grace. He was always quick to belly flop into the pool, take us for a walk or play with his toys on good and bad days. He was always a child...rolling in the snow, unwrapping Birthday and Christmas presents, barking for attention and rolling all over the floor with a toy in his mouth. His beautiful cinnamon eyes were extremely soulful and were filled with love when he stared at us. His hugs were one of a kind and helped us through many tough times. Our last hug was the moment we lost him. As we laid in bed at home, we held him in our arms while he laid his head on me and used his paw to hold my if to help us through the toughest moment ever. He was always there for us. People say he was the luckiest dog because he had us as parents. I disagree. We were the luckiest people in the world because we had him. heart and soul...will be missed with every heart beat.

R.I.P. Natalie Boh Holland 4/12/04 - 3/2/15

R.I.P. 10/1/88 - 7/5/06
Precious "The Original" Crockett

Shadow Buckingham
7/6/02 - 6/22/15
Shadow was a very big part of our family. From the time we first saw him and his brothers and sisters, we knew he was the one. We called him "The Man" right from the start. The past few months have been very difficult for my family. We have had many pets but none of them have endeared us as much as Shadow. We felt that his quality of life was diminishing rapidly and we did not want our little man to suffer due to our desire of not letting him leave our lives.
Yes Shadow has left a very deep void in our lives and we know he is doing much better where he is.