Is Corn Bad?

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In my last entry I tried to clear up any misinformation about animal by product by-product.   Another common dog food ingredient that has been villianized by dog food advertising campaigns is corn.   We are being told that corn, a food substance that is found in most average Americans’ daily diet, is not appropriate for our four legged friends.    

Unless your dog has a very uncommon allergic response to corn,  it is otherwise a perfectly acceptable source of energy . A combination of studies on canine food allergens that included 297 dogs showed that only 4% of those dogs have an adverse reaction to corn.   Higher on the list were beef (34%) , dairy (17%) , chicken (15%), wheat (13%), lamb (14 %), and soy (6%).1

The reason corn is used in dog food is the same reason the ingredient finds its way into so much of our own food products.   It is simply a cheap and efficient food crop. Compared to other grains it may not be as energy dense pound for pound but its attraction comes from its cheaper production cost.   

This is simply another marketing strategy used to take advantage of the consumers fearfulness.   By simply stating that their food does not contain corn, they give the implication that corn is bad or harmful to their pets,  thereby justifying the increased cost of the dog food.

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