St. Patrick's Day Pet Safety

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You are drinking green beer and/or eating foods such as sauerkraut, cabbage, sausages or corned beef.  It must be St. Patrick’s Day. Many will go out to their favorite Irish pub, but many will stay home and have friends over to celebrate. If you do plan to stay home to celebrate, please remember the following:


Traditional Irish foods such as sauerkraut, cabbage or corned beef are NOT good for you dog or cat.  Foods like this can really do a number on your pet’s stomach.

Alcohol is NEVER good for pets, so keep the green beer away from them.  Green food coloring could cause intestinal upset as well.

Is your pet one who gets nervous around strangers? If so, consider putting him/her in their own quiet room away from everyone. Some people are not “pet people” or have pet related allergies, so you may want to consider who you invite.  Make sure to watch your pet around children who may be at your party.

Please call our office at 410-687-1111 with any questions you may have regarding keeping your furry family member happy and healthy this St. Patrick’s Day.