The Bruce Waynes, an explanation

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The real Bruce Wayne is being held by Dr. Joe Zulty, the other 4
(actually there is a 5th not pictured) are his biological identicals,
yes clones, or brothers from another mother but with all of the
same exact DNA. How did this all happen?

EMRVC’s client Michelle Kauffman, owner of the original Bruce
Wayne, and creator of the very popular Instagram site (over
60,000 followers) ipartywithbrucewayne was approached by
Viagen a cloning company located in New York. One thing lead
to another, Dr. Joe Zulty harvested tiny pieces of skin from the
belly of Bruce Wayne, submitted them to the Vain
laboratory, and 2 months after embryos containing his DNA
were implanted into the uterus of a Beagle, FIVE more Bruce
Waynes were born!

The birth of the Bruce Waynes marked not only the first time a
Maryland dog has been cloned, but the first time so many
clones were born at the same time. So Bruce Wayne, his owner
Michelle, and EMRVC all took part in this historical event in the
world of cloning. Pretty cool!!!

It has been about 2 months since this photo was taken. Owner
Michelle remains the very good mommy of the original Bruce
Wayne and 4 of 5 of his clones Clark Kent, Peter Parker, Tony
Stark, and Wade Wilson.