The one thing we all desire

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A long and healthy life is what we all want. Right? Not only for yourself but for your pet!  We accomplish this by eating well, exercising, and going to the doctor even when we are not sick.  Preventative medicine equates to a longer and better life.

Our team at  EMRVC offers preventative medicine for your 4-legged family member. Annual and semi-annual thorough examinations - from head to tail, pertinent vaccinations to maintain solid immunity, FDA approved medications to prevent parasites, and regular lab work to check for early disease.

We can cure cancer when its small and removable,  and we can better manage disease detected earlier with doing even the most basic blood tests – a CBC and a chemistry panel can mean the difference in making your pet feel better and BE AT YOUR SIDE  longer.

We do this with good intention and with notice of our efforts at EMRVC to remain progressive in doing what is best for our clients.  To support and encourage our clients in this wellness effort we have partnered with our laboratory and are offering discounted life stage health screens – for the young, adult, and senior dogs and cats! Ask any of our team members about them!