Why flea preventatives are just worth it

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These four reasons from EMRVC and DVM360 will help you understand why the answer is usually YES to the question "Are flea preventatives worth it?"

1. It's not a commentary on your cleanliness. When we mention fleas, we don't mean your house is less-than-clean. Even the cleanest home can be the target of a flea infestation. In fact, infestations usually start because the fleas were picked up outside of the home and brought inside unknowingly. If a pet has access to a yard, dog parks, nature areas or kennels, they are at risk of picking up these pesky hitchhikers who make your home their next bed and breakfast.

2. "Indoors-only" doesn't always work. Your dog may almost always stay indoors, but unless they strictly use pee pads and never goes on a single trip outside your home, he really isn't an "inside" dog. Even if this is the case, an indoor pet (whether a dog or cat), is still at risk for a flea infestation. The chance is obviously lower, but there's no such thing as a zero risk.

3. "Seeing no fleas" doesn't mean "no worries." When you never see a flea on your cat or dog, you might think flea preventive just isn't necessary. But, flea preventative do just that, prevent fleas. These products should be used before a flea infestation is seen so that it stays that way. Unfortunately, a flea problem can manifest before a single flea is even seen on a pet. In the case of cats - who are notorious for their fastidious grooming - you might never see evidence of fleas. However, this doesn't change the statistics. A single adult flea can lay up to 50 eggs a day, so it's easy to see how fast an infestation can start. Once an infestation is present, each pet must be treated along with the home and yard. It's so much easier to prevent fleas than dealing with their consequences!

4. We can find a perfect match. We know you might have had a bad experience with a preventative you've tried in the past, and that might turn you off to the whole idea of preventatives. But now it's up to us to let you know the advantages and disadvantages of each product and find one that will work for your pet. Don't want to use a "greasy" topical? We can recommend an oral product instead. Trouble remembering to apply preventatives each month? We have products that are available that are good for several months. Cat or dog have a sensitive stomach? Maybe you would like to go with a topical. In most situations, at least one product can fit the individual needs of you and your pet.

Please call us at 410-687-1111 and ask us what flea preventative would work best for you, your pet and your home!!